Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the past with 'Sabrina Kennedy - Puritan,' a captivating music video that ingeniously blends history with creative expression — taking imaginative liberties with the trials of Salem and transporting viewers to a world where the mystical meets the historical.

Set against a haunting backdrop, the video follows Sabrina Kennedy, an alluring enigma, as she navigates the eerie landscape of 17th-century Salem. The evocative visuals capture the essence of Puritan life, with period-accurate costumes and meticulously recreated settings that transport the audience back to a time of suspicion, superstition, and secrecy.
Director  Stanley Dunmore
Producer  Maria Shevtsova
Director of Photography  Ben Hardy
Assistant Director  1st - Charles Hills
Assistant Camera  1st - Jimi Walker
Editor  Sebastian Morrison
Gaffer  Nea Springer
Spark  Georgie Callaghan
Costumes, Styling & HMU  Linor Kahlani
Headdress & Body Jewellery  Virginia the Wolf
Still Photography & BTS  Ben Gell, Social Allies